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Which Is the Optimal Pokies Strategy?

If you happen to love the pokies that online casinos have to offer to gamblers, chances are that you have already come across a variety of different pokies strategies. Needless to say, the pokies strategies which make any sense are those that can help you decide how best to spend your gambling session budget and not those which will supposedly “teach” you how to predict hot and cold pokies cycles. Nevertheless, since there are different pokies strategies out there, it is important to determine which strategy you as a player will benefit from the most.

When playing the exciting game of pokies, one of the strategies that you can potentially take advantage of is “up the steps”. With this type of strategy, you start with a relatively small initial wager and you increase it only if you win. If you lose, you simply go back to the bet that you have started with. The main advantage of this strategy is that it provides players with a lot of flexibility since all their bets are determined on the basis of the outcome of their spins.

Then, there is the pattern play strategy that can also be adopted with regards to the pokies online casino offers. Unlike the up the steps strategy, it is based on a predetermined order or a pattern of bets. Usually the player starts with the minimum bet, increasing the wagers gradually until the maximum bet allowed is reached, and then decreases the bets until the minimum wager is reached again. The benefit of this strategy is that the player is aware in advance exactly how much money he or she is going to lose and in addition, the pattern play system lets the player pocket any potential winnings.

There are also the “hit and run” and the “chickens” strategies, which require players to split their bankroll into several smaller amounts which are then spent on several different games, thus providing the player with more pokies variety.

So, to determine the optimal pokies strategy in your case, you need to assess how much time and money you can afford to spend on pokies. If you can play pokies only for a relatively limited period of time, then pattern play is the obvious choice, since you can determine the number of spins before you actually start playing. This is also more or less the case with the “hit and run” and “chickens” strategies. If you can afford to play longer, then “up the steps” is more appropriate. Then, with regards to your gambling budget, the most appropriate strategy for players with a small bankroll is “hit and run”, even though all the strategies can be applied as long as you adjust the betting amounts accordingly.

When playing pokies, it is a good idea to choose a strategy which will prevent you from making any rash gambling decisions such as spending money intended for other expenses. And yet, determining the optimal pokies strategy in your case will depend on your gambling budget and your free time.