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Top Rated Online Casinos Canada

This guide is going to be a big help to all you Canadian players out there that are eager to get stuck into playing casino games online but wish to play for real money. Never forget that all casino sites are going to have a range of no risk demo mode games that you can test out, which is a good way to start playing of course as that way you can get used to playing any casinos games that you haven’t played before, and can also get used to the way a gaming platform works and operates.

However, you really do owe it to yourself to play at online casino Canada real money sites that do accept all Canadian players that have the best reputations, such as those that you will see listed around this website that will also shower you with generous and well-designed player promotional offers and deals too.

Our Recommended Online Casinos for Canadian Players

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Canadian Dollar Deposits and Withdrawals

When you pay a visit to any real money casinos sites, you are going to have more than enough games that you can get stuck into playing in a real money playing environment, however to be in a position to start playing any games that have caught your eye you are going to have to make a deposit.

One thing you will usually want to avoid when funding an online casino account is pay any additional fees for simply transferring money over to that account. Therefore, the first thing to note is that you need to find any of the trusted online casinos in Canada that allow you to deposit not only in Canadian Dollars but also using one of the many fee-free and charge free payment options.

If you chose, for example, to make deposits using prepaid debit cards and most web and e-wallets there can often be fees and additional charges to be paid for using those payment methods.

In fact, when using, for example, a credit card you will often find that by using that card to fund any type of gambling site account that deposit will be classed as a cash advance and will incur additional fees from your credit card issuer.

Therefore, one of the very best ways to make a deposit into any online casino site account is by transferring funds over directly from your bank account, and that is also the best way to get paid out your winnings too, to avoid any additional charges and fees.

The Best Canadian Casinos are Fully Licensed

Whilst you are going to have plenty of casino sites at which you can play at if you are based in Canada, I urge you never be in too much of a rush to sign up to the very first casino site that you come across, as you owe it to yourself to do your due diligence when it comes to picking out the casinos at which to play at.

You are going to find the very best online casinos for Canadian players listed throughout this website, however, what you may be wondering is how do we make the decision as to what makes a casino one of the very best ones around.

Well, we do insist that every single one of the casino sites that you will see listed throughout this website are fully licensed and regulated, meaning those sites have proven their owners and operators are financially sound, and they are of good character.

Those casinos that are licensed are also legally obliged to prove to their license issuer their games are fair and random, and they have some very strict rules and regulations they need to abide by regarding how they operate their casino sites.

They can include making sure players are paid out in a very timely fashion, and all bonuses boast a clear set of terms and conditions, and fair and reasonable ones too. So, my advice to you is to only ever play at those casinos we have showcased on this website as we have checked them all out thoroughly.

No Taxes to Be Paid on Winnings

If you have ever ventured across the border into the USA from Canada, and have gambled at any of the land based casinos in America, then you will probably be more than aware that you will be hit with taxes on any winnings over a certain value.

Now, when you have been forced to pay such taxes on winnings you are able to claim them back, and there are plenty of companies that will help claim back those taxes for you, but for a fee of course.

Why go through all that hassle and expense when you can play online, safe in the knowledge that you are never going to have to pay any taxes on any winnings you achieve as a player at those sites and as such those winnings will be paid out to you in full.

However, do make sure that you only play at legit sites where online casino Canada based players are welcome to play at, as that way you are never going to experience any problems when it comes to cashing out your winnings no matter how much you are lucky enough to win.

Keep in mind though that when you win a progressive jackpot at some casino sites their cash out and pay-out limits may see you being forced to wait weeks or even years to get paid out a large progressive jackpot win, so try and avoid playing at casinos that do have some very low cash out limits in place.

Decide What You Want from an Online Casino

Roulette wheel with a bright and colorful background

In a moment or two I am going to be answering all manner of different questions relating to signing up to, deposits and withdrawing and playing at any legal online casino Canada players can sign up to and play at.

However, at the end of the day all players are going to have their own ideas of what they are looking for and even demanding from such a site, and with that in mind let me help you compile your own checklist of wants and demands.

It is one thing offering players 100’s of different games, but if you are not interested in playing most of those games then it will be pointless signing up to such a site, so at the top of your list apart from any sites you do play at being fully licensed and regulated you should be looking or those that offer the games and game variants that you prefer playing.

Very informative game guides, help files and pay tables can also help you decide just which games to play, and I would also urge you to make a point of finding the casino sites that list every single games RTP somewhere on their games or even on their websites.

That way you are always going to know long in advance of you playing any one individual game just how much of your stakes that game has been designed to return as winning pay-outs over the long term.

The speed at which your winnings are going to be sent out to you is important of course too, therefore try and pick out a casino that will process and send out to you your winnings in full and by a method you wish to be paid out by but in the very fastest possible timeframes.

One final thing that I certainly do demand from any and all casinos I play at is an around the clock customer support service, for you never know when you could experience a problem when playing at such a site, but knowing you can always ask for assistance in real time and instantly from a casinos support team will help you get those problems rectified rapidly.

Frequently Asked Questions

You may be trying to work out whether playing at an online casino site is something you will enjoy doing, but there are bound to be plenty of questions that you will be looking for the answers to, and if so below are several questions that most first time Canada based real money online casino players will be seeking the answers to.

What Compliant Channels are Available?

The chances of you experiencing any problems playing at the featured Canadian casino sites showcased throughout this website are small, but when playing elsewhere you may run into some problems. You should first contact the support team on duty at such sites to get those problems addressed, and if they are reluctant to help you then contact the casinos licensing authority who will be able to help you.

How Long do Withdrawals Take to Get Paid?

I am aware that some online casino sites have systems in place that allow them to pay-out their winnings players in real time and therefore instantly, usually when you opt to be paid out by a web or e-wallet, however many casinos will on average take around 48 to 72 hors to send out your winnings to you, dependent on the payment method you have chosen to be paid out by.

What Games Have the Best Paybacks?

Some games do have much higher RTP’s and much lower hose edges than other games, games such as Blackjack for example and Video Poker do tend to have the lowest house edges and the highest possible RTP’s and as such they may be the games you will be tempted to play. But do learn the best playing strategy before you do set about playing those two categories of games.

How Old Do I Have to Be to Play Online?

Be aware it will be the Province that you live in that will ultimately determine what the minimum age to gamble legally at any land based and online casino is, some Provinces have laws that stipulate that you need to be over the age or 18, but some have rules stating that you must be over the age of 19, so always check with a casinos terms and conditions to find out their minimum legal age to gamble at their sites.

What Does Account Verification Mean?

All casino sites need to ensure their customers are old enough to gamble and are also who they say they are to negate any chance of them being subject to fraud or even being used to launder money. As such you will be asked to prove the casinos security teams with copies of your identification documents so that they can verify your account and lift any new player restrictions from that account.

What Stakes Can I Play Casino Games Online For?

Many casino games that are available to all real money Canadian online casino players can be played for one or just a few cents, so there are plenty of low stake games available to you these days, but if you are looking to play for very high stake amounts most games do boast fully player adjustable staking options, and therefore can be played for high rolling stakes too.

Will I Have Access to my Gaming Logs?

You could be the type of player that likes to look over their gaming logs and evaluate how well you did on any real money casino game playing session, and work out the single session RTP’s that you achieved, and if so most casinos are going to give you full access online to your entire gaming logs to allow you to do just that.

Which CAD Casino Bonuses are Worth Claiming?

You do often have to develop something of a sixth sense as a real money online casino player to try and sniff out the best valued casino bonus offered and promotional deals, But things to look out for in the terms and conditions of any bonuses that will offer real playing value include very low play through requirements, high cash out and pay-out limits, and also bonuses that allow you to play any games and for any stake level.