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Terms and Conditions

The website is a gambling related news and information website but be aware at no time are you going to be allowed to gamble directly from this website.

Due to the nature of the content found on this website you need to be at the very least 18 years of age to make use of this website or be at least the legal age to gamble in the country in which you are visiting this website from.

Gambling Related information and Stats

Please be aware that some of our news stories, articles and guides may contain information related to paybacks, house edges and pay-out percentages that online and mobile casino games may have on offer.

That information is provided for information purposes only and we cannot be held responsible for any errors contained in those guides, articles or news stories related to gambling stats, paybacks, house edges or pay-out percentages.

Legal Gambling Sites

If you do make the decision to gamble online or via any type of mobile device, then we want you to have an enjoyable time when doing so and have a completely hassle-free type of experience too.

Therefore, we have made a point of only showcasing to our website visitor’s both casino and other gambling sites that hold a full and valid gambling license.

If at any time you experience any problems when gambling at any of our featured casino and/or gambling sites you are always best advised to first, try and get those problems rectified by contacting the support team on duty at those sites or apps.

If you are unable to get your problems rectified to your satisfaction, then please contact the gambling license issuer who will be able to step in and advise and support you accordingly.

Privacy and Cookies

We have a standalone privacy policy on this website that you are recommended to read through, as by doing so you will find out the ways in which we protect your identity and privacy when using this website and how we make use of cookies too to enhance your website visiting experience.

Be aware though that we do use cookies throughout this website, which you can remove at any time from your device if you so desire.

Country Specific Gambling Laws

Many countries of the world now have their own unique gambling laws, rules and regulations related to both online and mobile gambling.

Therefore, you should always ensure that you are fully aware of the legalities of gambling in either of those two environments if you do fancy gambling online or on any type of mobile device.

Each gaming site or app we showcase and/or mention or link to throughout this website will also have their own rules in place upon their sites and apps, and you will need to be the minimum legal age to gamble if you wish to make use of their services.

Bonuses and Promotional Offers

From time to time we may showcase and present to you throughout this website a range of bonuses, promotional offers and deals that are being offered by our carefully selected third party gambling site operators.

Be aware that due to the nature of both online and mobile gaming, those offers are subject to change at any time, and you are advised to ensure any offers are still available by checking the respective third-party gaming company’s website.

There will always be terms and conditions attached and associated with any bonuses or promotional offers and deals, and you should read through them in full to ensure you know how to claim any of them and how to use any bonus credits that you are awarded with.

Errors and/or Omissions

Whilst great care is always taken by our content providers to supply up to date and accurate information errors and/or omissions can occasionally occur.

We are always more than happy to correct such errors and omission and actively encourage you to contact us if you do spot any.

We cannot be held responsible for any errors and omissions and cannot be held responsible for any losses you make when gambling in any environment.

You are always best advised to set yourself some limits when you do set about gambling and always stick to those limits too.

If you feel you are experiencing any type of problems controlling your gambling activities then please do make use of our responsible gambling policy section of this website, which offers sound and practical advice for limiting your gambling or giving up gambling altogether.

Terms and Conditions Changes and Updates

These terms and conditions were last updated and/or changed on the 2nd of September 2019. If at any time in the future, we make any additional changes of amendments to these terms and conditions we will update this section accordingly and will time stamp those changes too.