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Roulette and its history throughout the years

Roulette has been around for some centuries now and it has gained a lot in popularity. If you are thinking about playing this very popular game, you should understand its history. In this article you will learn a lot of roulette’s historical facts.

It is said that the whole roulette game has its origins in China but there are no scientific proofs for that. The term roulette comes from the French roulette which means little wheel. It has appeared in France in the 17th century and not many things have changed since then with the game of roulette. It soon was one of the most popular games in France.

The real boost of the roulette was when it was first introduced in the United States. Even if the rules have been a little changed in Europe, the American roulette with its two 0s remained the same over the years. In Europe only the roulette with one 0 exists today.

However, the American boost was very important for the whole roulette industry because roulette soon became one of the most important games in casinos. The odds of the American roulette are known to be slight different with a higher house advantage because of the two 0s.

These two roulette types, the American and the European one dominated the whole roulette and casino industry until the late 1990s. It was then when the online roulette appeared on the market. These two types of roulette exist online and you can play for real money from the comfort of your own home. This is the new trend in the roulette player world because it is much more convenient for the average player.

Nowadays, you do not have to get dressed and drive to the casino as you can play roulette from your own living room wearing slippers. This is why the online advent of the roulette made it one of the most popular online casino games. Things have changed only in the convenience section as the rules and the odds remain the same when playing online. Therefore, a lot of land based casino players have moved their activity online.

In conclusion, the roulette has not changed a lot from the 1700s until now. It is true that now you can play it online for a far better convenience but the rules are almost the same. You can play both American and European roulette online and you can use the same strategies you usually use in land based casinos.

Therefore, the roulette is extremely productive for both the online and offline casinos. The difference is that you can benefit from high bonuses when playing roulette online and this is not an option in a land based casino.

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