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Privacy Policy

Everybody has a right to privacy when they are online, and below you are going to find the Privacy Policy that we have in place throughout the website, and you are encouraged to read through it as your continued use of this website will be taken as you agreement with this policy.

Personal User Information

You are not required to sign up to make use of our website, however if you wish to post comments upon any of the articles and guides showcased throughout this website then there will be the requirement for you to sign up as a user of this website.

By doing so you will be required to supply us with your name and email address and will be given the option of selecting a username to identify your posts and any comments you leave. Please select one that will not personally identify you unless of course you wish to be identified personally by other users of this website.

In line with best policies, we always ensure any personal information you supply is with is always stored securely and that information is only ever going to be used for the purposes you supplied us with it for.


We do use tracking software upon this website, however that information is not going to personally identify you, instead we only track the country our website visitors are from and the operating system they are using.

By doing so that allows us to keep our website fresh and up to date with information that people are searching for and making use of throughout this website.

We do so by using cookies upon this website, however you are free to delete any cookies that our server places on the device you use to visit this website at any time, and you can of course set your web browser not to accept cookies.

However, we would like to point out that certain parts of this website may not operate as intended if you have opted to not allow your web browser to accept cookies, so please do keep that in mind when browsing this website.

To ensure that you can claim any promotional offers presented to you throughout this website we also use third party website cookies, which will track you from this website to any third-party website showcased.

Each third-party website we link to will also have their own unique privacy policies in place which you are advised to read through and agree with if you wish to utilize their website and/or services.


We may offer you an email newsletter or you may find competitions on offer on this website from time to time, and as such if you wish to enter any competition or receive such email newsletters then you will be required to supply us with some personal information.

Be aware that any information you do supply us with when entering any competition or when you sign up to receive our newsletters may be shared with selected advertisers and sponsors of those competitions or newsletters.

That information will be shared to allow you to receive tailored promotional and marketing offers regarding entering a competition so the sponsors of that coemption can send out any prizes that you may have won.

If you do choose to sign up to any newsletters that we offer our website visitors, you can unsubscribe from them at any time by clicking on the unsubscribe link within any newsletter.

Contacting Us

If you contact us for any reason, be aware that we are only ever going to use your email address to reply to any questions that you may have asked.

We will not send out any marketing material if you have chosen to contact us unless you have specifically asked to receive such material.

Updates and Changes to Our Privacy Policy

We reserve the right to change or amend this Privacy Policy at any time and be aware that if we do make any changes to it, we will always time stamp those changes.

With that in mind please do check back from time to time when visiting this website in the future to ensure you are aware of any changes or updates to this privacy policy.

I would also encourage you to read through the terms and conditions section of this website too and make use of our responsible gambling policy section of the website if you feel your gambling activities have got out of control.

Privacy Policy Last Updated on the 2nd of September 2019.