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Live Dealer Blackjack

live dealer blackjack

If you’re a blackjack player who likes gambling online, you’ll love live dealer blackjack! Live dealer blackjack is a way to play blackjack online with a real, human dealer – just like in a real casino. While many online casinos these days offer just a computer-generated dealer, live blackjack gives you the real thing.

Top Rated Online Blackjack Live Dealer Casinos

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Ignition Casino

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    Big Spin Casino

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      MyBookie Casino

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          XBet Casino

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          • Also Offers Sports Betting

            Here we will explore everything you need to know to play live blackjack online for real money. No matter where you are in the world, there is a live online casino to suit your needs.

            The benefits of playing live blackjack games

            Live dealer blackjack has several advantages that you won’t find in other online versions of blackjack. Most importantly, you get that authentic casino feeling, with not just a live dealer but a real table, real cards, and an immersive casino environment. Everything is streamed in real-time via high-quality video so you don’t miss a second of the action.

            Professional blackjack players will appreciate the difference that an online live dealer brings to the game. You get that genuine human element, not just a robot using an algorithm to play the most logical hand. With live blackjack, the game is open to a wider range of wagering options. There are many blackjack tables to suit any budget, from small stakes to high-wager – you’ll find what you need. The card dealers are friendly, relaxed and happy to help out if you have any problems.

            Get to know the game

            Before playing live dealer blackjack you should be familiar with the basic rules of blackjack. However, even if you aren’t a pro, playing live dealer blackjack for low stakes can be a fun way to learn. There are lots of online live casinos out there, so choose one with a good welcome bonus and get playing!

            The majority of live dealer blackjack tables feature six or seven seats, just like in a real casino. Where you sit at the table has no real mathematical advantage but some players prefer certain positions. An online live casino usually takes minimum bets ranging from as low as $5 to as high as $1,000. Inexperienced players should start on the lowest stake games.

            Once at the table you will see it looks just like a real casino table, filmed via a live video stream. You can see the dealer and interact with them just as you would in real life. Some live casinos use microphones while others have live chat to interact with other players. Familiarise yourself with the basic functions of the table so that you know how to manage your betting and cards. Once you’ve done that, you’re ready to start playing!

            How to get online and start playing now

            If you’re a seasoned online gambler you may already be a member of a live casino online. Check below for a list of our favorite online casinos that offer live blackjack. However, even for seasoned players, a live blackjack casino can differ in some ways from traditional online blackjack casinos. This is mostly related to how you interact with the cards and people at the table.

            1. Register for a casino

            Choose one of the casinos below and login or sign up for a new account if you aren’t already registered. The registration process is simple and usually only takes a few minutes. If signing up for the first time, check out what welcome bonus is on offer. For some casino sites, you may need to verify your identity after signing up.

            2. Install software if necessary

            These days, many online casinos can be played directly within the browser. However, for the best experience, some casinos require the installation of special software, especially for live streaming games. If this is required, download and install the software.

            3. Deposit money

            Once registered and verified, you will need to deposit some cash to buy chips with. When selecting a casino, make sure to choose one that supports your chosen deposit AND withdrawal method. (These are not always the same so make sure you can withdraw your winnings too!)

            4. Select your live dealer blackjack table

            Once cashed-up check out the live blackjack section and browse the various tables available. Make sure to choose that a table that fits your betting limits and has rules that you are familiar with.

            It’s generally advised to start at lower stakes tables until you get a feel for the game and an idea of the other player’s skill level.

            5. Place bets

            Once inside you’ll start to get a feel for the live environment. If you read the instructions you should know how to place your initial wager. Most games have similar functions that usually involve simply setting a wager and clicking somewhere on the table or ‘sliding’ the bet on. Make sure to place it onto the table before the dealer closes betting.

            6. Get playing!

            Now you are ready to play some live blackjack. Remember, the dealer and other players around you are real people so you can chat and interact with them just like you would in real-life. Usually, you can’t physically see the other players but their positions are indicated by icons on the table.

            Good luck!

            How to Play Blackjack

            Live online blackjack games work just like they do in real life:

            1. Cards are dealt.

            Each player gets two cards, including the dealer who reveals one of them.

            2. Check your cards

            Everyone checks their cards privately and calculates their card value. Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 while aces are worth 1 or 11, as you wish.

            3. Choose to Hit or Stand

            Each player selects what to do next in sequence. If you stand you keep your existing cards, a hit means you want a third card.

            4. Next round

            After the first round, some players will go over 21 and be bust. Remaining players may choose to stand or hit again.

            5. Finish

            Once no more players want to hit, the cards are revealed. The closest to 21 without being over wins.

            Betting terms in live blackjack

            The betting options and terms in live blackjack are similar to any real game of blackjack:

            • Hit: ask the dealer for another card
            • Double down: place another bet of equal value to your previous one
            • Split: split your hand if you get a pair. You’ll have to bet again with an equal wager to play both hands.
            • Stand: Sticking with your current hand
            • Surrender: surrendering half your bet and taking half back after the dealer looks at his down card.
            • Soft 17: when a dealer gets a soft 17 (Ace and 6) they are required to hit. This is different from a 10 and 7 which is a hard 17 because Ace can potentially equal 1.

            Pros and Cons of live casino blackjack


            • available 24/7
            • real casino experience from your home
            • saves time, less traveling
            • less pressure than a real casino
            • lower house edge and higher payouts 


            • expensive to operate, resulting in less availability
            • fast paying casinos can be hard to find
            • requires fast internet connection

            Live dealer blackjack casinos:

            The majority of major online casino sites offer live dealer blackjack. Our top rated US Player friendly online casinos include:

            • MYB Casino
            • Ignition Casino
            • Big Spine Casino
            • Betonline.AG
            • Wild Casino
            • XBet Casino

            Live blackjack uses expensive technology to operate so it’s unlikely you will find quality live blackjack games on smaller casino sites. It is best to read several independent reviews before choosing a live dealer blackjack casino site to play on.

            Live dealer blackjack FAQ

            📌 Is live dealer blackjack like real blackjack?

            Yes – live dealer blackjack is played in exactly the same manner that blackjack is played in a real casino. The only difference is that all betting is done online and you see the dealer via a video stream.

            📌 Do you play live dealer blackjack for real money?

            Yes – all online games of live dealer blackjack are played for real money. There are various different methods to bet online, from bank transfer and credit cards to eWallets and Bitcoin.

            📌 Is it legal to play live blackjack online?

            Online gambling laws depend on your country and the country the casino is based in. There is no federal law in the US that prohibits gambling online with a legally licensed casino.

            📌 Can you win money playing live dealer blackjack?

            Yes – just like in a real casino, you can win real money playing live dealer blackjack online. Remember, you are playing against other real players so you best brush up on your skills!