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Dr Winmore Slot

dr winmore slot

RTG have stepped up with the Dr Winmore slot and entered the arena of Cluster Pays slots, something we haven’t seen them do before. Clearly they are attempting to broaden their appeal and offer something new to the ever growing market of real money casino slots players in the USA which they cater for. Dr Winmore slot is set around the theme of a crazy looking scientist brewing all sorts of potions and being helped along by various robots which all act as special symbols. It’s a simple enough slot to play and there are no free spins bonus rounds on offer, which could be seen as a downside by many. Read on to get our full review of Dr Winmore and help yourself to decide whether or not it’s worth playing for real money. If you do decide it’s worth some real money spins then try out any of our recommended casinos below to get a nice big deposit bonus to play with and help put the odds of winning in your favour. 

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Dr Winmore Slot
  • Bonuses
  • Graphics
  • Gameplay
  • Sound Effects
  • Value for Money

Overall Impression

Dr Winmore slot is a good attempt by RTG to expand their range of slots and it certainly offers something new to players. However, the lack of a bonus game is a serious flaw in my opinion and that alone would keep me away from this slot. There is potential for big wins if you manage to hit the 6x multiplier on one of the better symbols but if you are chasing big wins then you would probably be better off looking at other slots.



  • Low volatility will keep your bank balance intact for longer
  • Nice graphics and new cluster pays option a first from RTG
  • Cascading wins multiplier up to 6x can bag some big wins


  • No bonus rounds or free spins can be a deal breaker

Game Stats and Information

Slot Name:

Dr Winmore Slot




Realtime Gaming

No. of Reels:




Progressive Jackpot:


Minimum Bet:

0.1 Coins

Free Play:


Maximum Bet:

25 Coins



Type of Slot:




Graphics and Sound

Being released in February 2020 you would expect the Dr Winmore slot to be up to industry standards and look and sound the part. Fortunately it does just that and looks really quite pleasing to the eye. The music to accompany the game is something you feel like you might hear in a childrens movie or theme park ride queue, trying to instil some sense of wonder at Dr Winmore whilst the brews up his potions to help you land in some big wins. Sound effects are are pretty decent too, with a rush of air type sound when you spin the reels, though i prefer the sound of the roulette ball as in the Vegas Lux slot, but that wouldn’t really be appropriate to the theme of this slot unfortunately. 

The symbols consist of various scientific looking imagery, the highest paying of which is a Static Ball, then a Green Light, a glowing Yellow Lightbulb, a Purple Potion, a Yellow Potion in a jar, a Red Potion, Blue Liquid in 3 Test Tubes and finally the lowest paying symbol is a single Orange Liquid in a Test Tube. 

You will also see 4 variations of different robots landing in which each have a different effect on the grid. The blue one will clear the row on which it is on, the yellow one will clear the column, the green one clears both the row and the column it’s on and finally the red one will clear all adjacent symbols. These all help to make new winning clusters as new symbols drop in from above. The robots look quite cool and are very similar to the Minions characters.

special dr winmore slot symbols

How Does It Pay?

You will need to get a cluster of 4 symbols to trigger any win. The paytable win amounts are one tenth of the total bet, so if you land in 8 of the Static Ball symbols, which is the highest paying symbol, you’ll get 50x your total stake back, this can go up to a 6x multiplier and a maximum of 300x your total stake back per spin.

The trick to getting the big wins is by hitting the Multiplier which is built up with each cascading win you get, it goes up from 2x, to 3x, to 4x to 5x and finally to a maximum of 6x.

Dr Winmore slot is low variance, meaning you are unlikely to see any monster sized wins but it will also not eat your bankroll in mega quick time like various slots can do. Whether you enjoy this type of game is totally down to your own preference, i prefer to go with higher volatility slots which can yield bigger returns but also you also the risk of hitting bust town rapidly on these type of slots. 

Free Spins and Bonus Rounds

As we mentioned previously, the big downside to this game is that it doesn’t have a free spins round or any bonus round so to speak of. For me personally, this is a massive downside as the most thrilling thing for me about slots is triggering the bonus feature and watching it play out. Without this it almost seems kind of empty as a game. In future RTG should most certainly make sure to add a bonus round to any new Cluster Pays slots they bring out.