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Comparing online bingo to land based bingo

The rapid growth of technology and internet has brought a lot of changes to our lives. Now almost everything can be done on one’s laptop and mobile phones, whether it is buying groceries or making new friends. So, how could bingo possibly stay away from the virtual world?

Bingo, the English game of luck, has not only made space on the internet, but also has become a huge hit across the globe. Let’s see the major reasons behind its growing popularity.


1. Comfort: Initially bingo was played in community halls, at churches or at other social gatherings. So, one had to get dressed and physically get till the venue. This can be a bit taxing, especially due to bad weather conditions or if you had a busy day at work. However, with online bingo, you don’t have to take a step out of your house, you can just log on to an online bingo site and get started.

2. Unlimited Entertainment: online bingo is available at all times. You can start playing whenever you desire. In land based casinos however, you were required to wait until the game is played on a particular day and this in turn could take weeks or even a month! Even more so, the payouts here are much lesser as compared to the payouts with online bingo.

3. More options: Players now have the option of playing multiple number of games at one time. On New Look Bingo you have several bingo rooms with different variants of bingo games and a whole load of slot and casino games as well. These high quality games are powered by Microgaming and Eyecon which are well reputed software providers in the gaming industry.

4. To socialize: With online bingo you can meet like minded people from all over the world and become friends. Moreover, you can chat while you are playing. It’s easy to start up chats and everyone has a common interest in the game.

5. Win amazing rewards: People who play bingo online, have excellent chances of winning cash prizes, gift vouchers, extra bonuses and more. It’s not just about the jackpots. Online bingo sites such as New Look Bingo give you massive bonus offers, cash back offers, free tickets and many other such freebies. Players who register on the site get a free sign up bonus of £5 without having to make any initial deposit.

So try online bingo, if you still haven’t already. It will definitely be worth giving a shot.